What is Collaborative Manufacturing?

We work with our clients on everything from design, to transporting goods to the sales floor, with an eye on quality.

R&D and Design

For products with exacting durability, breathability, drying, stretching and weight requirements, Roicom’s experienced R&D team is ready to offer solutions. We develop and manufacture everything from casual tops, jackets and pants to rugged combat uniforms, accessories and equipment, including sleeping bags. Bring us your design and we’ll develop the right solution.

Materials & Sourcing

Roicom’s long standing relationships with fabric, trim and hardware suppliers from around the globe can offer you a wide range material options, as well as exotic laminations and insulations, knits and wovens. We specialize in performance and technical fabrics that can be used for athletic, dress/casual and outdoor wear.

Innovative Manufacturing

Our factories feature state of the art processes and equipment, such as the Gerber AccuMark system, which minimizes waste and delivers the highest yields possible.

QA & Finishing

Our multipoint, ISO 9001 compliant quality assurance program is an integral part of our entire manufacturing process. Roicom is a subsidiary of ReadyOne Industries, a trusted partner of the US Military, which requires high standards and performance. Bottom line: we deliver on quality.

Distribution & Logistics

We provide full service domestic and international logistics programs to ensure timely delivery to our clients. Roicom can act as your “Just In Time” distribution center let us provide warehousing and product fulfillment to offer flexibility and value to your business. Our enterprise ERP system tracks and processes products and materials through our supply chain, production floor and warehouse resulting in tighter inventory controls and reduction of losses and damage.

Our Teams

Let's Work Together

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