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Corrugated Trays & Die-Cuts

Custom Corrugated Trays and Die-Cuts

Corrugated trays and die-cuts are great ways to organize products and keep products separated. Custom trays and die-cuts from ROICOM USA can be perfectly tailored to optimize space while still providing this organization and separation. Additionally, these products are very durable and highly recyclable, making them an economical and sustainable option.

ROICOM USA creates all products with the specifications of our clients in mind, meaning we carry no off-the-shelf packaging options. This allows our team to create close relationships with all of our customers so we understand your products and business thoroughly and create the corrugated product you need.

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What Can ROICOM USA Create For You


Our die-cutting capabilities allow us to create corrugated pieces that are the exact size and shape you need.

Short Lead Times

Our team understands how important it is to get your products on time, which is why our lead times are between 3 and 10 days.


Corrugate is one of the most sustainable materials on the market. It is highly recyclable, adding an eco-friendly element to your business.

Why Custom Corrugated Trays and Die-Cuts Are Right For You

When you choose custom corrugated trays and die-cuts they are created to fit the exact dimensions of your products. This can help you save space by properly storing and separating products without too much empty space. This allows you to ship and store more products, ultimately saving you money.

Get Your Custom Corrugated Trays and Die-Cuts with ROICOM USA

Partnering with ROICOM USA allows you to create custom corrugated solutions that perfectly fit the requirements of your business. We offer flexographic printing and many value-added services so we can make sure your corrugated trays and die-cuts provide you with unmatched organization that fits your brand.

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