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Packaging Solutions

Custom Packaging Solutions

At ROICOM USA, we work closely with our customers to create custom packaging solutions that meet all of their needs. From different flute styles to flexographic printing to die cutting, our team has the equipment and experience needed to create the ideal corrugated product for your business.

We can create numerous corrugated products to meet your needs with our die-cutting capabilities. Plus, if you want to add your business’s logo or a graphic, our 3-color flexographic printing capabilities make it possible.

Read on to learn more about our custom packaging solutions. If you are ready to get started, contact our team today.

Corrugated Packaging Solutions Created For You

benefits of custom packaging

Shipping Boxes

Custom shipping boxes contain your product during transit and storage while also displaying your logo. These boxes come in various flutes based on your needs.

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Product Boxes

With best-in-class gluing capabilities and 3-color flexographic printing, your custom product boxes will stand out while meeting all of your specifications.

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We create, digitally print, die-cut, and kit your custom product displays to make the process easy on you while still providing you with a top-tier product.

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Die-Cuts & Corrugated Trays

Provide your product with crucial protection and stability with custom die-cuts and corrugated trays.

Corrugated Partitions & Inserts

Corrugated partitions and inserts allow you to create individual cells or compartments within your packaging to keep products separated or from bumping into each other.