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The Importance of Sustainable Packaging

Corrugated materials are one of the most sustainable packaging options on the market. In fact, corrugate can be recycled up to 25 times without losing any functionality or integrity. Since it can be recycled so many times, most corrugated materials are made from 70-100% recycled materials.

Why ROICOM USA Prioritizes Sustainability

Our team understands how important sustainable practices and products are for all industries. We strive to create packaging solutions that will not take centuries to decompose in a landfill and can be reused to reduce waste produced.

We only focus on corrugated products, creating recyclable, reusable packaging solutions that fit the products being shipped. Not only are our corrugated products easy to recycle, but they are extremely durable, allowing them to be reused multiple times without becoming flimsy or damaged.

Sustainable Products From ROICOM USA

benefits of custom packaging

Shipping Boxes

Our corrugated shipping boxes come in various sizes and different flutes to properly fit your products.

Product Boxes

Choose the size of your product boxes and add logos and designs with our flexographic printing.


Show off your product in store aisles and shelves with corrugated displays with flexographic printed designs.

Die-Cuts & Trays

Whether you need a custom shaped corrugated product or a tray, we can create what you need.

Partitions and Inserts

Keep your products separated and protected with custom, recyclable partitions and inserts.