Outsourced Manufacturing Services


At Roicom USA, we provide a broad range of Outsourced Manufacturing Services (OMS) and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) services for public sector organizations and private sector enterprises.

Outsourced Manufacturing Services (OMS)

Roicom USA can reduce time to market as well as point-to-point logistics with our various outsourced manufacturing services for electronics, consumer products, and durable goods, translating to a significant savings of both time and money. Our kitting, sorting, repacking, reworking, stretch-wrapping, and packaging services are listed below:

• Cross-docking and contract warehousing
• Vendor managed inventory (VMI)
• Scalable staffing and infrastructure
• Delivery to local Mexico industrial complex
• Just-in-time (JIT) solutions
• Assembly / Sub Assembly
• Product Sorting
• Product Packing
• Product Testing
• Reverse Logistics
• Product Returns

Vast and Varied Experience

Due to outsourcing, many companies may not fully understand the manufacturing process. Roicom understands how to streamline manufacturing without compromising on quality. We have experience working with companies large and small, located across the entire country. We can handle your company’s manufacturing challenges as well.








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