There are so many different packaging types on the market and it can be overwhelming when trying to decide what is best suited for your needs. Not only are there boxes, but there are trays, inserts, displays, and more, leaving you with much to choose from. So, what are the different types of packaging and when should they be used? Our packaging experts have outlined each type of packaging and their common applications.

Shipping Boxes

Shipping boxes are used to take your products from one location to another. This transit may take place via plane, ship, train, truck, or a combination of modalities. The primary role of shipping boxes is to contain and provide protection to your products during transportation. However, shipping boxes can also be used as a marketing tool. You are able to print your logo, brand colors, graphics, and more on your box. So, if you are shipping your products directly to your consumers, they will recognize your brand as soon as their package ends up on their doorstep.

There are various sizes of shipping boxes so you can find the size that perfectly fits your product, potentially reducing the cost of additional shipping materials. There are also different flute styles depending on the needs of your application:

  • A-Flute — This is the original flute for corrugated and is the thickest on the market. It offers excellent stiffness and crush resistance, providing optimal cushioning for fragile products.
  • B-Flute — With more flutes per foot than A-Flute, this option is stiffer, puncture-resistant, and crush-resistant.
  • C-Flute — This is the most widely used flute because it offers good crush resistance and stacking strength while being easy to print on.
  • E-Flute — This fluting option offers greater crush resistance with a thin profile, making it ideal for use with fragile items.
  • F-Flute — These are the most rigid boxes on the market and are good for use with heavy or fragile goods.

Product Boxes

Product boxes are a branded box that displays your products prior to a customer opening them. These boxes are typically seen on store shelves and their goal is to draw in the attention of consumers.

One of the most important aspects of drawing the eyes of consumers is making sure your product boxes are attractive. It is crucial to the success of your products to have your logos, brand colors, designs, or graphics on the box. These assets will not only grab your customer’s attention but also make your brand more recognizable to them in the future.


In-store corrugated displays are designed to display your products in store aisles and on shelves. Much like product boxes, these displays must catch the attention of your customers so they are drawn to make purchases. Again, you will be able to print your logos, brand colors, designs, graphics, and more onto your displays in order to drive sales and brand recognition.

Additional Packaging Options

On top of product and shipping boxes and corrugated displays, there are a few other additional packaging options that you will need to consider. These options are primarily used for organization, separation, or padding and protection.

Die-Cuts and Corrugated Trays

These corrugated packaging options are primarily used to organize your products and keep them separated within boxes. Die-cuts are designed to fit your product, providing stability within their boxes, ultimately preventing damage. Corrugated trays are typically used for canned or bottled goods, but have many other uses, and are designed to keep your products contained during shipping or on shelves.

Corrugated Partitions and Inserts

Corrugated partitions and inserts are used to separate products and provide the necessary padding and protection during transit. Partitions are specifically designed to keep products separate from one another while inserts are intended to minimize empty space to keep products from shifting too much and becoming damaged.

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