Our Process

As the for-profit companion to ReadyOne, a 501(c) (3) sewing factory, Roicom provides turnkey service to clothing designers and manufacturers of outdoor gear. We work with our clients on everything from design to transporting goods to the sales floor to customer service and troubleshooting, with an eye on quality. Let us bring our experience and expertise to work for your company and its products or services.

Bringing Additional Expertise

Bringing a project to life often requires a broad range of experience and skill sets. Roicom works with you, bringing additional knowledge, experience, and resources, to help bring your products to the sales floor and get your services up and running.

End-to-End Involvement

Roicom operates less like an outside consultant and more like a partner to your company. We’re involved from start to finish. We work hard to make sure that we have a full understanding of your projects’ requirements in order to ensure that the tools we bring to the table are capable of getting the job done.

Vast and Varied Experience

Due to outsourcing, many companies may not fully understand the manufacturing process. Roicom understands how to streamline manufacturing without compromising on quality. We have experience working with companies large and small, located across the entire country. We can handle your company’s manufacturing challenges as well.

Commitment to Quality

Roicom is committed to delivering quality results at every stage of your company’s project, from research and development to distribution of finished goods. We understand common pitfalls in the manufacturing process, and we’ll use that experience to help your company avoid them. If there is a problem, we’ll take ownership in making things right.

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