About ReadyOne Team

ReadyOne is the 501(c) (3) nonprofit sister agency to Roicom. The mission of ReadyOne is to provide Made in America high quality goods and services produced by individuals with significant disabilities, including disabled veterans – while providing meaningful paid work to individuals who often find it difficult to obtain employment. We provide goods and services to large corporations and small business owners alike, as well as apparel and gear for every branch of the United States military.

ReadyOne Programs and Services

The goods and service produced at ReadyOne are also available for your company through Roicom. Those services are briefly outlined below.

Call Centers

ReadyOne’s U.S. based call centers handle both inbound and outbound telephone traffic. Our skilled operators conduct telemarketing and sales calls, as well as inbound account management and troubleshooting functions.

Garment Manufacturing:

ReadyOne manufactures apparel and outdoor gear for our men and women in uniform in every branch of the United States military. We also produce outdoor gear and high-end apparel for companies throughout the country

Corrugated and 3PL

The hard-working staff at ReadyOne produces sturdy boxes, displays and other corrugated products in our 97,000 square foot facility. Our customers for our corrugated boxes and containers include the United States Postal Service – but there’s plenty of room for your company as well.

Document Management

Roicom and ReadyOne also provide secure handling of sensitive and confidential documents. Our process is ISO 9001 certified, and adhere to tough standards set by the National Security Agency (NSA) and the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID).

To learn more about ReadyOne and its work in tandem with Roicom, as well as how we work with your company, check out the ReadyOne website.

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